Learn to think smart.

Are you ready to become a student?

Studying involves hard work, endurance, commitment and the utmost resilience. Think about, your resources, your accommodation, your time-management and self-organisation skills.

You will need to learn to think smart and manage your time effectively. Here at Hargeisa Electro-mechanical School, we will equip you with all that you need to be a successful student and a success in the workplace.

Follow your instincts

Here, at Hargeisa Electro-mechanical School, we have courses tailored to suit your needs. If you enjoy getting ‘hands-on’ with practical work and are logical in your thought processes then enrolling in Hargeisa Electro-mechanical School may be an ideal career path for you. Training to become an Electrician/ Air conditioning Technician/ Refrigeration Technician or Solar Energy Technician in Somaliland also allows you the opportunity to become your own boss and work hours that suit you.

The key to becoming a great student:

  • Value your time – with the use of effective time-management.

  • Take time off – give yourself a well-earned break.

  • Never stop learning – encourage the mind to explore and learn.

  • Experience is overvalued – take your time and learn at your own pace.

  • Be courageous – believe that you can do it!

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